Trial of Coloured attire on Court

Trial of Coloured attire on Court

Message from the President

The COVID 19 Pandemic has caused a great deal of difficulty and distress in Irish society and sports clubs have not been spared the operational and financial challenges which arose over the last four months.

MLTCC has experienced a significant level of membership resignations and the general uncertainty prevailing has made it difficult to plan and organise our various initiatives and programmes for the remainder of the year.

However, there are of course some positive developments which I want to acknowledge. The resumption of doubles play from the 29th June is wonderful news for many members. Equally, MLTCC has experienced some success in attracting new members in recent months to the extent that the new members count for the moment exceeds the numbers who have resigned.

We know from our engagement with potential new members that the white clothing rule at MLTCC is often perceived as a barrier to joining the Club and may, in some cases, be a sign of exclusivity. It is also the case that some members, new and existing, have experienced some difficulty in obtaining white clothing in the current restricted retail situation. For my part I continue to receive representations from members seeking a relaxation or suspension of our white on-court attire rules.

Taking all of this into account the Management Committee has decided to allow for a four- month trial of the wearing of coloured attire on court from the 29th June.  The Committee consulted in detail with the Trustees, who are the guardians of the Club constitution, and we are very happy to have the unanimous support of the Trustees for the trial to take place in parallel with the existing provisions of the Constitution.

I must stress that many members will wish to wear white attire at MLTCC for the duration of the trial and beyond. If this is your preference, I personally want to encourage you to continue with this practice. If you wish to wear coloured attire for the duration of the trial, I want to encourage you also, provided all parties observe the requirements of the dress code which is included with this communication.  As you would expect the dress code always requires a strict adherence to the use of tennis attire.

At the end of the four-month trial period we will survey the entire membership for their views and then, if the survey results indicate an appetite for change, we will bring an appropriate resolution to the AGM in early 2021 to make any necessary changes to the Constitution. In essence the plan is to TRIAL, SURVEY and then, if membership sentiment appears to be in favour of change,VOTE on an appropriate resolution at the next AGM.

In taking this step we know that some of our peer Clubs have made the change to coloured attire in recent times and all report a favourable response from the membership. We will have a Review Committee in place for the duration of the trial and details will be available on the Club website.

I look forward to a successful trial and hope to see you at the Club soon.

Yours in Tennis,

Des Allen

Club President

Trial of Colored Attire on Court

Trial Rule:

Proper Tennis attire is required to be worn by all Members and visitors when playing on court

All members, including Juniors, are required to wear clothing and footwear designed and sold specifically for the purpose of playing tennis.

This includes:

  • Men may wear white clothing or clothing of any colour or combination of colours.
  • Shorts and short sleeved t-shirts/polo shirts shall be of design normally approved and used for Tennis
  • No denim/cargo shorts, board shorts, cut-offs, football, rugby, or GAA  or workout clothes of any colour will be allowed.
  • Ladies may wear white clothing or clothing of any colour or combination of colours.
  • Shorts, T-shirts/polo shirts, and skirts/dresses shall be of design normally approved and used for Tennis
  • No denim shorts, cut-offs, jogging attire, football, rugby, GAA or workout clothes of any colour will be allowed. Leggings may not be worn without a  skirt/dress over them.
  • Players with non-conforming attire will not be allowed to play.
  • The Staff will interpret and enforce the dress code, and their decision is final

The Review Committee is:

Stephen Nolan – Mens Captain

Jean Killeen – Ladies Captain

Shirley Coleman – Vice Junior Co-ordinator


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