MLTCC Bursary

(Malahide Tennis & Croquet Club Tennis Bursary, hereafter referred to as the MLTCC Tennis Bursary).
M.L.T.C.C. operates a Bursary to promote the continued growth and development of tennis at our club.

Set up
There is a sub-committee established to manage the MLTCC Tennis Bursary scheme.
There are three Trustees comprising of the Treasurer, Ex-Club Officer and International Player. The trustees can serve for no more than one three-year term.

Any member of the club can make a application for support.

Applications for bursary funding should be submitted on the official application form and no funds can be made available until that application is approved by the bursary committee.

Please ensure that the bursary applications are made in a timely manner as we will not accept applications to validate retrospective spends.

We ask that no individual commits any bursary funds without this formal approval.

A non-member can make an application for support for club membership fees.

Each applicant is typically limited to one application per annum but there may be exceptions to this (example where an under privilaged player is supported to join the club and then may need help with coaching etc).

The objective is to support and grow our club and tennis either by subsidising membership fees, providing coaching for development of specific individuals and to support league tennis as appropriate at our club.
All can apply for the MLTCC Tennis Bursary using the official application form. Individual players who benefit from the bursary will be expected to support and promote MLTCC tennis club in an agreed capacity.

Funding of the MLTCC Tennis Bursary
The Bursary should be funded and accounted for as follows;
1. € 1,000 fixed contribution from main MLTCC club activities.

2. € 1,000 fixed contribution from junior MLTCC coaching activities.

3. Mens and Ladies Captains should each raise €1,000 per year through fundraising events or other means.

4. Sponsorship or other contributions.

5. Unused funds to be c/f to subsequent year.

6. Club’s Annual Accounts to clearly show
a. Opening Balance in Fund
b. Funds raised during the year
c. Disbursements during the year
d. Closing Balance in Fund at end of each year.

Note that the fixed contributions from the MLTCC club are made only after the Captains’ funds have been raised.

MLTCC Tennis Bursary provides financial support in categories as follows:

• To support the recruitment of exceptional talent (up to 25% of fund) – applications must be made each year.

• To support committed talented Junior players (up to 25% of fund) – application must be made each year.

• Support for league campaigns at all levels (up to 30% of funds)

• Support to under privilaged players or those players who need financial support. This to include but not be restricted to membership, gear, coaching and costs to facilitate inclusion in club events / trips and competition and travel. (up to 20% of funds).

There are no bursary funds available for individual Vet players (O35).

Note: Our objective is to adhere to these % splits per category, however, each application will be treated on a case by case basis.

Application for bursary should be made on the official application form to the Bursary Committe. Mens and Ladies Captains, Junior Co-ordinator or Director of Coaching may also make applications on behalf of players, teams and events.

Please note that applications must be received on the official application form and no funds will be made available until the application is approved.

No individuals can commit bursary funds without formal approval.
How / when will you find out whether you have been successful?

Individuals will be notified within 20 days of the receipt of their application.

Each application must be submitted and approved by this bursary sub committee before any funds can be comitted to or spent by any applicant.
Updated by the MLTCC Bursary Committee
20 August 2017

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