Junior Coaching Programme 2017

Junior Coaching Programme 2017

The Spring Coaching programme commences in the week of Monday 9th January and ends in the week of 26th March. There will be 11 weeks of classes (with a break for midterm in week of 27th February)

Details of Class times have been advised by email to all participants that were in the Autumn Programme and new applicants . If you have not already done so, please respond to the email as soon as possible

If you were not in the Autumn 2016 programme and now wish to participate, please complete a Coaching Application Form  and submit to the office as soon as possible


Regarding payments for families with more than one child in the programme there is a discount for second and subsequent siblings. The discount applies to the lower amounts , for example one child at €95 and one child at €220 , the total due is €85 + €220

Total Cost Sibling Disc Rate
 €      95.00  €           85.00
 €    140.00  €         125.00
 €    220.00  €         195.00
 €    330.00  €         295.00
 €    440.00  €         395.00


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