Junior Club Championships 2017

Junior Club Championships 2017

Draws and Schedules for the Junior Summer Championships (sponsored by GRAND HOTEL MALAHIDE) are now available online here:
Easiest way is to go to “Players” tab, select your player and you will see current matches scheduled for them.
No changes are possible at this stage(unless exceptional circumstances or an administrative error that Jim has made).
We don’t like saying no, so please don’t ask 🙁
It is the players responsibility to check the schedule on a daily basis. Persons manning the desk during the week will do our best to help confirm next matches.
If a player misses a match, a walkover must be awarded. Due to a very tight busy schedule, it is impossible to reschedule matches.
U8 and U9 please see note below, as scheduling of these matches may be slightly confusing.
Each age group will work differently, depending on entries.
Most age groups will have an A/B(and possibly C)section.
There will prize winners in each section. And winners will also qualify to compete in section above.
So players may have additional matches scheduled, so you must keep checking!!
There will a fun 1 point tournament, at approx. 3pm each day.
At finals presentation there will also be additional prizes for “good tennis”, e.g. closest match/ best partnership. These prizes are kindly sponsored by THE TOY SHOP in Malahide Village.
Important note: The tournament desk will be manned during all scheduled matches, approx. 9-6 each day. And the club office will be open as per usual. The idea of the week is that players can play matches, watch other matches, enter fun tournaments, spend time in the club etc. But players are still the responsibility of their parents whilst in the club. They are not being fully supervised regarding leaving the club etc
Players divided into Red Singles A and Red Singles B, and then subdivided again
Red Singles A
subdivided Groups A-matches are Wed 14:30 (approx. 2.5 hrs)
subdivided Groups B-matches are Wed 14:30 (approx. 2.5 hrs)
Qualifiers from above will play Fri 11:00 (approx. 2hrs)

Red Singles B
subdivided Groups A-matches are Mon 10:00 & Tues 11:00 (approx. 1.5hrs a time)
subdivided Groups B-matches are Mon 13:30 & Tues 14:30 (approx. 1.5hrs a time)
Qualifiers from above will also play Wed 11:00 (approx. 2hrs).
Overall winner of Red Singles B will play Red Singles A Wed 2:30

Players divided into U9 Singles A and U9 Singles B
U9 Singles A– matches are Wed 11:00 & Thurs 11:00 (approx. 3hrs)
U9 Singles B– matches are Mon 11:00 & Tues 11:00 (approx. 3hrs)
Overall winner of B will also play U9 Singles A on Wed 11:00 & Thurs 11:00


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