Facilities Update – Covered Courts Project

Facilities Update – Covered Courts Project

Covered Courts at MLTCC – Newsletter #2


Dear MLTCC member,

As promised we want to keep you updated on the progress of the covered courts project @ MLTCC.

We are progressing with the planning application and the architect is preparing the various reports that we know are required such as visual impact reports, photo montages etc.

As part of our communication plan for MLTCC members, we are organising two interactive webinars in July 2021

This will give the membership the opportunity to get more details and also presents an opportunity for all members to ask questions about the Covered Courts proposal.
See here attached also a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) where we try to address any questions that you may have. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Information Updates for MLTCC Members – Upcoming Webinars on Covered Courts proposal

In accordance with Covid 19 constraints, the Webinars will take place on Zoom.

The webinars will take place on 27 July 2021 and 29 July 2021 at 8pm.

Separate invite will be sent to all members to attend both webinars but please select one option as the content presented will be the same in both webinars.

Each webinar will be limited to 100 attendees per webinar so please join up soonest. If there is a need we will add another webinar later in the Summer.

All MLTCC senior members will receive an invite to the two webinars by email, please register for one webinar option (the email will come from Manager MLTCC email via the Zoom platform).

The webinars will be hosted by the MLTCC Facilities Team supported by our selected architect, Robert Cummins.

We have drafted a comprehensive list of Questions and Answers (FAQ), which we have answered to the best of our ability and knowledge at this time.
We will add further questions and answers as they arise. These are available on the MLTCC website.

See attached here a direct link to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.

We will continue to keep you updated on this exciting project. This newsletter will also be published in the Members Area of the club website in the next few days. You may leave questions / comments there if you wish and these will be reviewed by the Facilities Sub Committee

From the MLTCC Facilities Sub Committee – P Cullen, G Drury Byrne, R Maiti, F McCaffrey, K Ryan, D Allen
July 2021

/ Club Strategic Plan


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