Club Strategic Plan – Facilities Update

Club Strategic Plan – Facilities Update


Proposal re Covered  Tennis Courts

Members will be aware from previous communications and updates at the Annual General Meeting that MLTCC is exploring the feasibility of providing Indoor Tennis facilities at the club. This is a key part of the Strategic Plan which was adopted at the AGM in March.

By way of reminder, the proposal for Covered  courts is as follows:

  • 4 Indoor Courts permanently in location on courts 6 to 9.
  • The sides of the structure can be opened in summer etc.
  • Roof would be largely translucent, so no floodlights required other than at night-time.

 Above are images of similar structures in  the Netherlands.

The Club has engaged Cummins & Voortman Architects to prepare a pre planning submission to Fingal County Council for Indoor Courts. The objective of this was to identify the relevant planning issues that may need to be addressed in a full application and whether it is a feasible project for the club. This work has reached a stage where we have now received feedback from Fingal County Council.

In essence, the main area of concern expressed by Fingal CC seems to be visual impact in a sensitive area which the Council considers an Architectural Conservation Area.

The Club and our professional advisers acknowledge that there will be challenges and this feedback was not unexpected. However, we also believe that all of the issues above can be addressed with significant inputs from the club and our professional advisers on the design and layout of the proposed project as part of a full planning application.

Having considered the matter in great detail and taking account of the positive views expressed at the AGM and as outlined in the Strategic Plan, the Management Committee have decided to proceed with a full planning application. This will be progressed over the coming weeks in conjunction with a range of additional communications with members, this being the first.

In parallel with this, we have also been working on consideration of potential improvements to the Clubhouse and over the next few weeks the Facilities Sub Committee and Management Committee will be working on further details of this part of the Strategic Plan. This work is at a very early stage and will take some time to be brought to any definitive point.

A big part of the work on these matters over the next few months will be to communicate with all members on progress and we will use various methods to do this, including newsletters, emails, meetings (probably virtually initially) etc. Execution and implementation of any significant works will not be started until approved by the members at an EGM or an AGM.

If members have any queries please contact Patricia Cullen – Chair of Facilities Sub Committee, Des Allen, President or Michael Byrne Club General Manager.

On Behalf of the Management Committee
28 May 2021

/ Club Strategic Plan

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  1. mltcc :

    A decision to proceed to planning permission requires an EGM as per the commitment given at the AGM and recorded in the Minutes (Item 12, 5th paragraph) that “No decision would be made without first consulting with the Members at an EGM” and also in Item 10

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

  2. mltcc :

    How much will the full planning application cost the Club members?

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

  3. mltcc :

    I have to agree with earlier comment about commitments at AGM. The last sentence in the AGM Minutes regarding the Presidents Report (item 3) states quite clearly that “No decisions would be taken without first consulting with members.” An EGM is required before a full planning application can be made.

  4. mltcc :

    I am hurt and confused by this proposal. I Zoomed attendance the AGM. I understood no proposal would be be put forward without consulting members? We are told that finances are not good enough to facilitate the continuation of the reduced rate for older members who have supported the club for many years. And I define many as 30to 40 years! We can’t support older members but we can have the money to embark on this futuristic project which would do so much damage to the appearance of Malahide village and the club itself? It was said at the AGM that because of rain you can only play tennis 50% of the time. I am fortunate to play in three different groups during a week. I reckon on at least 90% activity? What is the empirical evidence to support the 50% suggestion?
    I am sure that there are many claimants of “the oldest continuing group” The Sunday morning group I play in goes back to circa 1985. Nearly 40 years. I cannot speak for all that group but I don’t hear any of them supporting this proposal
    Listen to all members and be fair and reasonable

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

  5. mltcc :

    Here, here !

  6. mltcc :

    …. how long does it take before comments here are reviewed and approved?

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

  7. Michael Byrne :

    Noted to the Club Officers

  8. mltcc :

    The Strategic Plan, which has yet to be put to members for a vote, includes “actively pursuing planning feasibility for indoor/ covered courts on existing site”. It does not go further than planning feasibility. The Council has apparently advised that its main area of concern is the visual impact in a sensitive area.
    In the interest of openness, the committee is asked to provide specific details on how these concerns, which the post says can be addressed, are to be met before any additional money is spent.
    Is a different location proposed?
    Is a smaller structure proposed?

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

  9. mltcc :

    I pay over €300 a year in subs to play on 9 courts, shared with about 1,300 other members. If I decide not to pay the additional cost to use the 4 covered courts, will I be asked to pay the same €300 to play on just 5 courts, shared with the 1,300 other members? This proposal needs to be fleshed out further for the members before any more of our money is spent. Any response from the Committee on this?

    • Michael Byrne :

      Noted to Club Officers

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